Webfeed Generator - Help

This program allows you to select the look and feel of the headlines you'll be adding to your website. You can experiment with the different options available, and see how your previewed headlines will look. When you're ready to add the headlines to your site, click the "View Code" button.

NOTE: If you are having trouble using this program, or are unable to "preview" headlines, make sure you have Javascript enabled. Please see your web browser's documentation to find out how.

Category - You can choose to receive headlines from all categories, or just from a specific category. It is possible to have multiple webfeeds on one webpage.

Headlines - Limit the number of headlines displayed.

Style - We've provided a selection of pre-made styles to choose from. If you'd like to fine-tune a style, or come up with a new one, please see the section on the "Advanced Menu" below.

Width - This is the maximum width of your headlines, this can be a number of pixels or a percentage of the frame width. (eg. 200 or 50%)

Show Dates/Summaries - You can turn off the display of dates or summaries.

Advanced Menu - For more control over the look and feel of your headlines, the Advanced Menu allows you to select fonts, font sizes, colors, and more text attributes for the title, date, and summary of each article. You can also change the background color. To change colors, click the yellow palette button beside the color you want to change.

Preview Button - Click this button to see your latest changes take effect in the preview frame.

View Code Button - This is the final step of the Webfeed Generator. This function will show you the HTML code required to display headlines exactly as they were displayed in the preview. Cut and paste this HTML into any web page for instant, automatically updating content.

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